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Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1 PC | 1 Year

Microsoft 365 Personal is a subscription focused on productivity with its premium applications to use wherever you need. Includes 1TB of cloud storage and advanced security for all your devices.

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- Microsoft Word 2019: Ideal for creating professional looking documents. It has functionalities to edit and check content easily or written before it is printed. It contains a search function to be accessible to anyone in its initial use. It included graphics in the SVG that you can only use, as well as their JPG or PNG versions.

- Microsoft Excel 2019: processes all types of data necessary for its use, in order to create and manage tables and facilitate their use. Contain details to ensure the smoothness of the work you need to use or schedule in a professional context. It allows the use of mathematical formulas, now included in the highest volume not available. Features a visualization tool to make data visually appealing.

- Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Perfect for creating presentations, allows the creation of different slides to present or that require a professional context. Lubricate now for various types of data and files, such as 4K ultra HD files and videos and integrate easily with our slides. Improved or support for resizing images or other graphics.

- Microsoft OneNote: Notepads that allow you to divide sections and pages. It is a matter of navigation and easy search to always find your notes. It allows to extract or improve with digital tape. Share as your notes with whoever you want.

- Microsoft Outlook 2019: an ideal way to archive contact information and manage email accounts. It allows the configuration of an unlimited number of email accounts, you can also store data offline or archive emails with a backup. Configured to pre-classify messages received through your smart inbox, prioritizing the most important messages.

- Microsoft OneDrive: allows you to access all your folders from anywhere; there is no need to use your computer. It has features to scan and arm documents using your mobile device. You have an extra layer of protection using the Personal Chest to keep your most important files.

- Microsoft Access (computer only): Allows the construction of a database in a short time. Facilitates the creation and structuring of data.

- Microsoft Publisher (computer only): easily customize or style any text, image, calendar, among other things.

- Use your favorite devices as apps

- Choose useful structure and writing suggestions

- You have access to an extensive collection of templates, fonts, icons and stock photos from non-Word, Excel and Powerpoint images

- Access and share files and photos on all devices

- Gather your mailboxes, calendars and tasks in Outlook

- Protect emails with premium security features, not Outlook.com

- Included ransomware detection and recovery

- Verify your identity with 2-step verification to gain access to the most important files, not the chest of Personal OneDrive

- Updated with access to the latest features



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